Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Last Friday was the beautiful wedding of the two VERY special people pictured above (nothing is more fun than helping out family and friends, that's for sure). I was excited for their wedding for too many reasons to mention...so I'll just name a couple: 1. Venue, same place my sister got married at over ten years ago and was looking forward to seeing the space in a new way. 2. Britney and Joe from Turn Loose the Art photographing the day. I'm not quite sure when or where I first came across their work, but ever since the first time I saw one of their images I've been addicted. I was so excited to get them on board for this wedding AND a wedding on 10.10.10! Britney and Joe are so talented and I'm endlessly inspired by their images. Click here to see their post on the pictures above, that way you can see the images in their full glory. The fourth picture down is one of my favorites and it turns out one of their wedding guests thought so too and had it framed as a wedding gift...good job! You can also click here to see a sneak peak of the wedding day.

This post would be incomplete if I didn't tell everyone looking for a home in NJ (She's located in Summit, NJ) to check out Christina's agency!