Thursday, February 25, 2010


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Most weddings involve an element of drama, but hopefully not a tragedy at the end! This might seem clique to some, but romantic to most...why not go all out and base your day on Romeo and Juliet? "Juliet's Balcony" is said to be located on the second floor of the 14th century Casa Di Giulietta in Verona, Italy. Who wouldn't be tempted by the idea of a kiss on that balcony?

The dream is now becoming a reality. By contacting Verona's Tourist Board couples are now able to rent the infamous balcony and acquire exclusive use of the house, but the ceremony must be performed inside the house. Last I heard the rental fee was $1,000 Euros and an additional $300 Euros for non-Europeans.

I find it surprising that I haven't seen any Romeo and Juliet themed e-pics on the web. I'm personally not a fan of themed shoots, but with so many out there these days...this is bound to come up and hopefully it won't be cheesy! Do I hear a fire escape calling your name a la West Side Story??

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hey Y'all...if anyone is out there reading this...sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been a very busy bee, which is a good thing! I'm gearing up for an inspirational photo shoot this weekend, and working with lots of wonderful brides for 2010 (and 2011)! I've also finally pulled the trigger on an official website! It's nothing fancy but will get the job done. It's clean and modern, but most importantly is filled with beautiful images (thanks to all the photographers and couples I've worked with). Promise to be back soon with some big changes!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Photo Credit: Meredith Davenport of Christian Oth Studio

I seriously could gush endlessly about all my couples. Since I run a small boutique agency, I make sure to work with the best couples ever. I am very lucky that all of my brides (and grooms!) are so incredibly stylish and outright awesome!

Today I want to share with you a few pictures from Heidi and Allan's wedding at Angel Orensanz Foundation. I was jumping for joy when they hired me because Angel Orensanz is within blocks of my old apartment that I called home for so long. I'm not kidding you when I say I miss these two everyday! They were such a fun and laid back couple, and Heidi should seriously consider a career change into event design! Whenever your ready Heidi!!

I was also really amped to get to work with Melanie at Melrosa on the flowers. I had my eye on her designs ever since I saw these pictures of the flowers she did for a photographer I worked with back in June '09.

This was also the first time I would have the pleasure of working with Meredith Davenport of Christian Oth Studio. All of her photographs of the day take my breathe away! Also a HUGE shout out to Meredith's assistant for the day, Brian DeMello (who along with Meredith ROCKED it out)!!

I know I will get to see Heidi and Allan again soon because they just told me the good news...they are expecting!! Congrats again to Heidi and Allan on your wedding and the baby! I can never thank you enough for trusting me with your big day. LOVE you both!

A few more pictures of this beautiful wedding are on my Bespoke Affairs' Facebook Page (which I'm trying to get better at updating...promise).

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Photo Credit: Brian Dorsey

Balloons for e-pics are so 2009...check out these adorable bubble e-pics on Brian Dorsey's Blog!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


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It's been awhile since I have visited Roosevelt Island...something about it has always creeped me out (a bit). Even before I ever became a "wedding planner", I was oddly drawn to Renwick Ruins and the idea of doing a photo shoot there. I won't go into a history lesson because I'm bound to mess things up, so in short, Renwick Ruins is the crumbling facade of a former Smallpox Hospital on RI, which was designed by the same guy responsible for Saint Patrick's Cathedral, so you know at one point it was impressive.

How awesome would it be to do a inspirational photo shoot there with Manhattan's skyline in the distance...reminding us all of Roosevelt Island's erie past!

Any photographers out there want to jump the fence and risk getting arrested? Well...I don't want to get arrested!!

What's gotten over me?? I promise to blog soon about past & upcoming weddings. I've been a bit bogged down with "paper work" and research...which is a GOOD things! It means, many beautiful weddings coming up for 2010!