Monday, September 27, 2010


Cover of the current issue of Elle Decor

Interior design is one of my strongest influences when designing an event. I am forever inspired by the pages of Elle Decor. Don't get me wrong, bridal magazines and blogs are great resources to see ideas pulled together right before your eyes...but as a designer, I truly get excited when I flip trough the pages of my Elle Decor each month when it's delivered to my doorstep.

Wedding magazines are vastly (sad face) disappearing and my heart would just about stop beating if interior design magazines followed suit. To me, blogs can never compare to the feeling of a magazine in your hands...flipping through the pages, tearing out selects, drooling over the luxury and pining over the flea market finds.

Ladies (and gents) you will find inspiration on every page. It can be as simple as falling in love with the colors on the wall, the texture and lines of a painting, or a fantastic print on a settee...endless possibilities! For example, you can even design an entire event around a single piece of china. If it's hard for you to visualize something like that, Elle Decor has made it easier for you in their current issue, just check out page 164. Also, don't miss page 182 & 183 for some sensational tablescapes.

So when thinking about the design of your wedding or next event, take my advice, try picking up an interior design magazine and see what inspires you. Happy planning!