Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Photos: Saipua

I have so much to be thankful for this year, my loving husband (who puts up with me day and night), my adorable pup, family & friends, everyone I work with and all my wonderful brides that seriously become a part of my family! So much so that I'm even taking a calligraphy class with one of my brides next weekend...we are both totally obsessed with calligraphy!

It's no secret that I love weddings and all the talented people that make a wedding come together. One of the most important vendors (in my opinion) that you will hire is your florist! There are so many creative forces out there! I was reminded the other day (by one of my new brides- silly excited about her day!) how much I love the work of Saipua and Nicolette Camille. I've been wanting to attend their Little Flower School! I'd love to try and learn how to put together one of their lovely arrangements so that I can have beautiful fresh flowers in my home at all times...that are anything but ordinary!! This WILL be my next class...any takers?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!