Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Photo: Duet Letterpress

My brides definitely spoil me! My beautiful bride Heidi and her equally beautiful mother in law Galina just sent me and my assistant the most generous gift baskets! The basket was filled with candles, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and massage oils...AND...a gift card for a massage, facial AND a spa pedicure!! As if that wasn't enough...I will receive a luxury gift item while at the spa. Seriously way to generous!

Galina is the co-owner of David J Witchell Salon and Spa. It's a renowned 14 thousand square foot salon and spa located in the heart of Historic Newton Pennsylvania. From the looks of the website and all the reviews online, David J Witchell is "The" place to go! Galina sent her team to NYC for Heidi's wedding and they blew me away!

So to all the PA girls out there that might be reading this...check out David J Witchell Salon and Spa! Thank you Heidi & Galina!!!