Monday, September 21, 2009

Photos found on Lucky Luxe

I LOVE the Lucky Luxe blog...and I'm amped that they have a website in the works! The designer Erin is a genius and I totally dig the vintage vibe of all her designs (I actually would love to have my logo and business cards done by Lucky Luxe!). I love paper and calligraphy to my core. It always breaks my heart that so much time goes into picking out wedding invitations and 99% of the time they end in the trash. That's why I love these save the dates so much...who would dare to throw away these beauties? Lately being green has been on my mind, and this fits right in. I love the idea of collecting vintage hankies to use in this way. I actually did something similar at my own wedding. I collected vintage hankies and gave them to all the important women in my life on my wedding morning as mementos (along with cameos). Reuse/Recycle!


Chelsea Nicole said...

That's such a fantastic idea for save the dates! I love that each one is unique and has its own little charm. :)