Friday, September 11, 2009


Photo Credit: Danny Weiss

I'll be the first to admit that this post is a little self indulgent. A few months after our wedding Danny Weiss was offering a free (yes FREE) Day After Session. So naturally, since I stalk his blog practically everyday, I answered his ad...and he picked us! Vince and I already had wonderful wedding day shots, thanks to Aga Images...but since we had a winter wedding, I jumped at the chance to have some greenery in the background! I was also seriously dying to have the opportunity to put on my Vera one last time. I also loved the idea of having laid back pictures and not worrying about getting my dress dirty. Danny took us to his favorite "secret" location. The shoot was going great...and then...the sky opened up...torrential down pour! So much for not getting my dress dirty. Danny did an incredible job in such a short period of time. We only got to shot for about 15 minutes before the rain came. If you haven't hired a photographer Danny!

Tune in Monday for the shots in the rain. Which truth be told...are my favorites!!


Christa said...

These pics are great! Such a gorgeous couple:)

Dancing Pen said...

Are you a model???

Adrienne said...

Your too kind!! I have to give all the credit to Danny Weiss! He made us look fantastic!!

Laura said...

I agree- Danny is very talented, but, really, who could get a bad image from you two?! You're beautiful!