Monday, August 10, 2009


Photos: New York Wedding Ring

If you gave me Diamonds and Pearls...I would be a very happy girl, and you wouldn't need to give me the world Prince! Can you think of anything more wonderful than using your own two hands to craft your own wedding bands together? That's exactly what you can do at New York Wedding Ring. From the second you start making your rings together you are working with a goldsmith to ensure that your rings are made spectacularly. New York Wedding Ring offers private workshops and entire the process usually takes around 7-10 hours. That equals a full day of fun...just the two of you...and a goldsmith. They have so many different styles to choose from or you can work hand in hand with the goldsmith to create something totally custom. I can't even imagine how fun it must be to make the most meaningful and important piece of jewelry you will ever wear. Imagine the memories that must be created inside that studio?! I smile whenever I look at my left hand. Hopefully Vince and I will visit New York Wedding Ring on an anniversary!


eggplantgirl said...

Love the hammered metal.

Anonymous said...

We made our rings there! Sam was great! We did hammered white gold and they came out amazing. I wear mine when I don't want to wear my diamond band.

Bespoke Affairs said...

LUCKY! I'm sure they are beautiful and the process must have been soo fun!!