Thursday, July 23, 2009


Maps (names have been blurred): Trial by Cupcakes

Every invitation these days seems to have a map inside of it, which I think is a wonderful idea. A hand drawn map allows the couple to tell their guests a little about themselves. You can include your favorite restaurant on the map or even the spot where the two of you were engaged. The options are endless and your guests will love this original piece of art that can later be kept as a keepsake! Are you a high-tech bride? You can also create a wedding map web page.

Whenever one of my brides is looking for a hand drawn map I immediately send them to Trial by Cupcakes. Her Etsy shops name alone lets you know that her work is going to be fun! Trial by Cupcakes maps are deliciously perfect and her prices for envelope calligraphy can not be beat! I dare you to tell me her work doesn't make you smile. So indulge and treat yourself  to a wedding map pronto!