Monday, July 20, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm overtly obsessed with calligraphy. I'm constantly trying to find ways to incorporate calligraphy into my everyday life. Calligraphy is also the perfect way to personalize your wedding day! If budget is not on your side for hand written calligraphy, digital calligraphy might be an option for you! Starting today, every week I will feature an artists calligraphy. The styles will run the gamut, ranging from fun and modern to classic and pretty. I will try to keep all my selections moderately priced, but every now and again I'll have to throw in a pricier option...because who doesn't love a little luxe now and again!

For my first post I'd like to introduce you all to a favorite of mine. Whether you want something very simple and clean like Chancery Italic, or something very ornate like Hollywood Swirl, Calligraphy by Jennifer has you covered! Jennifer's calligraphy is classically beautiful, her prices are fantastic, AND she offers over 35 different styles to choose from too boot! For brides on a tighter budget, Jennifer also offers her work in Monoline Styles. Monoline is a less expensive option to calligraphy and is written with a gel pen. For brides looking for something truly unique, Jennifer offers Custom Invitation Design as well as Custom Menu Design. 

Why not wow your guests with calligraphy. A beautiful invitation inside an equally stunning envelope will set the tone for your affair and gets your guests excited for your event. Thanks to the USPS, the Internet and websites like Etsy- your choices for calligraphy are endless!