Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm always a little disappointed right before I do a blog post of a wedding I worked on. Why??? Because the images on my blog are so darn tiny and you won't be able to appreciate them. Luckily you can see bigger images on Turn Loose the Art's Blog! If you are not familiar with Britney and Joe from Turn Loose the Art you must check them out! I'll be blogging another wedding soon that I worked on with them that is the complete opposite of this one...which is always fun!

I loved this wedding. Everything was inspired by Bertini's Italian Plume print. The print was carried through in all of the paper products and were designed by Bespoke Affairs. The print also inspired the color palette which was very natural and organic. Remember this post? Well, I was so thrilled to see the use of cabbage at this wedding. Fresh Art in Millburn, NJ did a wonderful job designing the florals and made the bride (and groom) very happy.

Are you a fan of Bespoke Affairs on Facebook? If so you can see more images here from this event.