Friday, June 18, 2010


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With Father's Day this weekend, I'm missing my father who is a classic car aficionado and retired to Florida. So in honor of all the fathers out there I wanted to get you thinking about creative wedding day transportation. While limos are convenient...renting a classic automobile for you and your sweetie is so much cooler. For my own Manhattan wedding I rented a classic checker cab from Peter at Film Cars. Peter was hands down one of my favorite vendors. The car totally set the mood, he played things like Sinatra, people were applauding while we drove by, and my father had a blast chatting with Peter about all of their cars.

This picture is great for inspiration too. Wishing my dad and yours a Happy Father's Day!!


Chelsea Nicole said...

I love classic cars! It's so much fun when couples incorporate it as a special element of their day.

Thanks for including one of my images. :-)

Adrienne said...

Me too! That is one of my favorites of yours!!