Friday, May 7, 2010


I wanted to wish all mothers out there a very special Mother's Day this weekend. The above is a picture of the gift I sent my own mom (she lives in Florida). I love Giddyspinster's Etsy Shop! When I saw this up-cycled stiletto that had been turned into a planter I had to order one for my mom, stat. My mom is a constant source of inspiration for mother is just about the spunkiest person I know and she has such a fun, modern, avant-garde/abstract interior design aesthetic. If you visited my childhood home, and especially their home now, you'd know exactly what I mean. I also get my crazy obsession with Yorkie's from my mother...she has two cuties, Zsa Zsa GaBow and Nico. I love you and miss you mom!

Next up, my Mother in law. I am constantly telling her everyday to give up her job as being in charge of the volunteers at a hospital and become a florist (I kid, she loves what she does). When my mother in law and her family came to the states from Italy they were horticulturalist. I love hearing all her stories and seeing the amazing arrangements she whips up using the plants and flowers in her garden (and growing in her garage!). She adores Poppies & Posies Events aesthetic, so I've ordered something from them for her. Picture to follow Monday, but above you can see one of their amazing arrangements.