Thursday, April 29, 2010


Photos of some of Ale Paul's Fonts

Yesterday I was with a colleague and we got to talking about fonts. So today I want to pay homage to the master of all fonts, Alejandro Paul. I thought it would be fun to introduce y'all to the man behind most of those fonts you ladies (and gents) are using for your wedding paper.

Ale Paul is a true artist...I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with all of his fonts and type. He taught graphic design and typography at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Ale is also the co-founder of the Studtipos Project, which is a type collective. I love his work so much because he really seems to capture the essence of time periods by translating them into type.

You can purchase his fonts here and here. Okay...not quite sure how much I taught you about the genius, but I feel good knowing that I put his name out there. If you ask your stationer who developed your font, don't be surprised if they say Ale Paul!


sedona bride { destination wedding photographers } said...

gorgeous! thanks for posting about this font designer! love it! {katrina}

Adrienne said...

He my fav....thanks for reading my little blog guys :)