Monday, December 28, 2009


Photos: East Six

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm madly in love with winter weddings. No other season can even come close to matching the romance, the environment, and the magic of the season in NYC. There is something so incredible about the buzz in the city during winter....that jolt of energy that pulses through me even though it's freezing outside. The twinkling lights, the snow, "The" tree, ice skating, fireplaces, hot chocolates....I can list a million reasons why to have a winter wedding! At the top of my personal list is the the energy surrounding the holiday season/ can not be beat! That is exactly why I chose to get married one week after the new continue and stretch out the holiday season as long as I could!!

I am simply dying, DYING, over these perfect winter wedding invitations by East Six. I mean seriously, could they get any yummier? They scream winter without being over done!


Chelsea Nicole said...

These are so beautiful!

And I totally agree with you on Christmas time in NYC! It's magical. :-)