Friday, October 23, 2009


Photos: Selia Yang

People often ask me what I miss the most about Alphabet City and the East Village, where I lived for nearly a decade. On the top of my list is walking by Selia Yang everyday, and driving by it on the M8 to work. Selia Yang is just about the best bridal designer out there if you ask me. If you haven't had the pleasure of going to one of her boutiques (no shoes allowed)...RUN and make an appointment. Her shop in the East Village houses her samples from previous seasons at discounted prices. Her samples are not the run of the mill sample dresses...they are pristine as if you had ordered the dress just for yourself. Her Tribeca store leaves me speechless. I often daydream about "the one that got away", you see it was between my dress and Selia Yang's 2008 Bordeaux. If 2009's Jeane (pictured above in green) was available when I was getting married, mark my words, that would have been my dress! Selia Yang is also the queen of adornments and bridal corsages at the waist! This post is especially for my friend...who is equally obsessed with Selia's designs...Maybe we should go to her Tribeca Sample Sale this weekend (Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm) just for fun? No appointment necessary! And if any out of towners are reading this...Selia Yang's collection is now available at Saks.