Monday, June 29, 2009




I had planned on starting my morning with more ideas for a Hoboken wedding. Well those plans must be put on hold!

Yesterday I received a package in the mail that has left me speechless!!! I am so lucky to wake up every morning and know that the day ahead is filled with joy and beauty. Everyday I get to surround myself with gorgeous images and meet people in love. The couples I meet along the way are truly what make this all worth while, especially the brides!

About three weeks ago I had the pleasure of coordinating the wedding of two very talented and beautiful people,(inside and out...wait till you see!), Jamie Rubin and Arnold Kovelman. Together they own and operate the immensely popular website Max and Chloe. The website is so popular that it generates over 4 million visitors a month! 

Collectively they also own and design 3 jewelry lines, a fine jewelry line: Brian Danielle, a costume jewelry line: Blu Bijoux, and a third jewelry line that is set to launch that features sterling silver and gold vermil pieces. All of their lines can be found and purchased at the Max and Chloe website.

What I love the most about Max and Chloe is that there is something for everyone at every price point. There is also a fabulous section of the website that highlights Bridal Jewelry.

Moving onto why I am so speechless...My package from Jamie and Arnold contained two of the most beautiful pieces of fine jewelry...14k gold, amethysts, and DIAMONDS! Yes diamonds! They sent me this ring and this necklace. Only the necklace is 14k white gold and has the word Believe. 

I hold a special place in my heart for all the brides and grooms I meet. From the moment I met Jamie, I knew that we'd develop a friendship along the way. I loved being a part of all of their wedding plans! I can not wait to share their wedding pictures with you. Trust me you've never seen anything like it!

A big thank you to the newlyweds! I can not thank you enough for your generosity! The necklace holds a strong meaning to reminds me to believe in myself because anything is possible! 

Pictured are a few of my favorites from the Max and Chloe website. For this post I picked fine jewelry, all of which are perfect for a wedding. Actually, the first pair of earrings were designed by the groom Arnold for Jamie on their wedding day! They are now exclusively available on the site!

OOOhhhhhh...and don't forget about bridesmaids gifts! They have a wonderful selection that can be found here.


Calligraphy by Michele said...

It looks like we worked together on this wedding as well! Jamie was a doll to work with, and her jewelry looks just gorgeous!

Bespoke Affairs said...

We did Michele! All my brides in NYC want your work :)

Your calligraphy was beautiful at Jamie's wedding!

Will send you the images of your calligraphy soon!